Bradlee Dean


Bradlee Dean is the drummer for Junkyard Prophet. From an early age he always had a desire to play the drums and worked until he eventually saved enough money to purchase his own drum kit.  Bradlee began to hone his skills at a young age by taking lessons from Gordy Knutson of The Steve Miller band, but his playing and style is mostly self taught.  Having one the of most unique drum styles in the business, Bradlee’s style is funky, loud, and fast having musical influences ranging from Metal Church, Jane’s Addiction, and TNT to Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.

After many years of touring nationally, God got a hold of him and changed his life. Since then he has been taking America by storm reaching out to the masses with a message of truth and hope because nothing does it better than MUSIC. Now the Dean uses his God-given talent as a way to relate with this generation through music with a message. 

Bradlee is endorsed by Sonor, Buttkicker, Hornet drumsticks, Beatnik, and Soultone and has been featured on the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine. In addition to that, Bradlee’s abilities and platform as a public figure and speaker have found him in the spotlight in The New York Times, FOX News, MSNBC and hundreds of other media outlets across America.  Jesus Christ is his inspiration.