There aren't many guitarists who possess the versatility as Rene Benton. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, his musical influences ranges from progressive rockers Kansas to the sophisticated funk of the Ohio Players.

After a stint in the Marine Corps, Rene decided to dedicate his energy towards music. Touring extensively throughout the United States and abroad (38 states and 50 countries to date), he has produced a resume which includes many Rock and Roll legends and Columbia Records recording artists.

Rene has recorded with Grammy award winning artists and brings a soulful presence to Junkyard Prophet.  Not only does Rene bring the funky grooves and rhythm through guitar, he is also a powerhouse presence. Touring the country with Junkyard Prophet has given him a chance to put his Faith as the focus of his musical ability.

Rene is endorsed by Fryette Amplification; Digitech Corp.; Rocktron Signal Processors; KTS Titanium bridges; KXK Custom Guitars; Strictly 7 Guitars, Seymour Duncan Pickups; NADY Wireless Systems; GHS Strings; Q-Lighting; Morley Pedals; Techstar/Palmer speaker simulators; Voodoo Labs; Digital Music Corp, Gig-Fx pedals, and Dava Picks.