Sean Michael is the singer for Junkyard Prophet. Originating from Minneapolis, Minnesota Sean loves singing blues, rock, and heavy metal. His vocal style he likes to say is a “Collaboration of all of my influences, but with my own voice and not emulating any one.”

One of his first bands “deadinfluence” exclusively wanted to create music and perform, no cover tunes. Sean was very interested in this because he was able to write and create music for himself. After touring for 5 years, he was sought out by a recording producer in Minneapolis, who began to hire him as studio talent on different album projects and jinglesincluding jingles for the Minnesota Twins and the Vikings. Sean also worked for Steve Ouimette from "guitar hero" who used his voice on several songs for different video games including Rock Revolution.

Junkyard Prophet is “A God thing” says Sean. “All of my experiences in the music industry are now being used for what God has put me on this earth to do: Start a revolution through music, the purest and most lasting thing on earth.”

With his raspy tones and an in-your-face vocal authority, Sean’s talents will rock your world in Junkyard Prophet’s new release Stand Your Ground.