Stephanie Joy


Stephanie Joy does both lead and backup vocals for Junkyard Prophet. No stranger to the “show biz” industry, Stephanie grew up doing both acting and singing on a national level.  She did commercials for “Pop Tarts”, Best Buy, and was featured on the front cover of Cheerios.  Making musical theatre a big portion of her life as well she also starred in roles such as Annie, Cinderella and The music man.  As singing became more of her focus she began to win and receive “Superior” ratings in competitions.  She was a member of All-State for her musical talent and traveled to Europe to tour there.


Eventually, Junkyard Prophet became her focus and touring the country reaching out to the youth of America is what she says it’s all about. “The youth are the future of America and if we don’t reach them for Christ someone else will.”   Along with her singing abilities, Stephanie Joy is also the lyrical writer for the band and is both Assistant and Director of Junkyard Prophet’s music videos: two of which reached over 111 million households worldwide and went on to be featured on the Top 10 Most Wanted videos on TVU and JCTV Charting and #2 and #3.


Stephanie Joy also did a debut album with Junkyard Prophet titled Face to Face that has been distributed on a nation-wide scale and highlights her versatile style as an artist.  She is the “Big voice” that backs up the crunchy metal of JYP and adds a dimension to the music that make Junkyard Prophet one of the most unique and creative bands in the nation today.