Todd Michael is the lead and rhythm guitar player for Junkyard Prophet. He began his music career playing guitar and touring with pioneering Christian heavy metal bands Messiah Prophet and Reign of Kings, winners of the Midwest Christian Band Tournament. He went on to play guitar for indie funk band, Ira and the Cristo Palace, and groove-rock blues based Big Fat Jam.


Throughout his career, Todd has performed with many national acts onstage and as a session guitarist. He won second place in the Minneapolis Best Guitarist competition in 1992. Along with playing and touring as an integral member of Junkyard Prophet, Todd has used his talent to teach and mentor other musicians as the owner and founder of music school Riff Factory, which was named “One of the best places to take guitar lessons” by CBS Minnesota.


Todd has graced the stage at music festivals such as Cornerstone, Sonshine, and more. With his edgy shredding and melodic style, he does not disappoint. Todd is one of the top talents in the guitar world today and is the melodic grove factor of Junkyard Prophet.