Stand Your Ground


Day Turned To Night

by Junkyard Prophet

“Day Turned to Night” from the forth coming album “Stand Your Ground”.

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Junkyard Prophet


Junkyard Prophet is an in-your-face power punch band with a message.  More than just a catchy title, the band feels that the world is a junkyard that need be confronted with the truth in the best of ways. The image of the band is not all about the accolades of being a bunch of “rock stars,” Junkyard Prophet is about, Message first; then the music, which takes on a life all of its own when they hit the stage. 

Between 2003 and 2010 the band toured incessantly nation-wide, yet still managing to shoot four music videos: two of which reached over 111 million households worldwide, not to mention continuous airplay on Sirius/XM radio. 

After earning nationwide attention after one show in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the band was named the “Best Unsigned Band” in America next to P.O.D.  After this, the group felt it was time to use their God given talents to reach out even more to mainstream America and they have been doing so ever since. 

Junkyard Prophet’s newest release, Stand Your Ground, is a no-holds barred in-your-face powerful punch of crunchy metal with melodic groves that not only demands your attention, but will feed your soul.


Bradlee Dean - Drums

Sean Michael - Lead Vocals

Todd Michael - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Rene Benton - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Featuring: Stephanie Joy - Lead & Backup Vocals



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